Kansas Lions Band Foundation

Directors 2022-2024

Patrick Laham, PCC (Augusta Lions Club)

Harry Stockwell, PCC (Augusta Lions Club)

Directors 2023-2025

Shari Neidhardt (Towanda Lions Club)

Barb Schattak (Lyndon Lions Club)

The Kansas Lions Band Foundation, Inc. (501C3) was incorporated in 1984 for the purpose of raising monies to help support our State and International Bands. The Foundation fundraising activities include: percapta donations, bequests, Mid-Winter Rally auction, and collector pins. The KLBF takes great pride in supporting one of the Kansas Lions finest youth outreach projects, the Kansas Lions State and International Bands.

If you would like to make a donation please contact the KLBF Treasurer PDG Bill Stenfors, 109 E. J. Frick Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66503, (785)-410-0928, bstenfors@hotmail.com.