Kansas Lions Foundation

Kansas Lions Foundation

Director 2021-2024

Jess Larison, PCC (Baxter Springs Lions Club)

Director 2022-2025

Richard Caldwell, IPDG (Bel Aire Lions Club)

Director 2023-2026

Helen LeBlanc, PCC (Valley Center Lions Club)

KLF  was founded in 1999, formed to increase the level of community service  and support through education, humanitarian, and charitable projects.  Projects include the ALERT (disaster response) program, Lions Quest,  Deaf and Hard of Hearing long term summer camp scholarships, Peace  Poster contest, and Youth Exchange.

A new addition is the Kansas Lions Alert Team Emergency Grant Criteria and Application.   The objective of the KLAT is to provide immediate emergency relief to the victims of a residence displacement. KLAT emergency funds are available for relief aid in the wake of any natural or manmade disaster that is not within the confines of a LCIF Emergency Grant where a person(s) is displaced from their home.