Lions Quiz

What year was the first convention of Lions Club International Club held?

The LION magazine, which first appeared in 1918, is now printed in how many languages?

A Lion may transfer to any club in the world providing the new club accepts him or her.

Which statistic comes closest to the current figures of Lions Clubs International?

Since a club follows the principles of the association and the in ternational constitution, it may not adopt its own club constitution to sui t its particular requirements.

What is the major international service commitment of Lions?

A majority of districts are composed of a minimum of 35 clubs with a total of 1,250 members.

In which country was the first club formed outside of the United States?

In which country was the first club formed outside of North America?

A multiple district is:

Funds raised from the general public at a fund-raising activity can be used to fund a club member to the international convention.

In what year did the international constitution eliminate the word “male” as a condition for membership, encouraging women to become Lions?

The basic concept of a Leo club is:

The association’s headquarters is located in

The official colors of Lions clubs international are _________ and ____________?

Symbolically the two lions on our emblem face both __________________.

Fill in the missing word from our slogan: “Liberty, _____________, Our Nation’s Safety.”

The association’s motto is _____________.